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Jobs Send us your application and implement your ideas as part of an ambitious and dynamic team. We guarantee that you will experience an excellent corporate culture, a friendly, competent team and…  
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HOTEL WENDE**** Seestraße 40 A-7100 Neusiedl am See, Austria T: +43 (0) 2167 8111 F: +43 (0) 2167 8111 649 Contact To our contact form  
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The Garden as a Space for Ideas A garden, gentle breeze and view of the blue sky - that's all it takes to be happy. Our sun terrace invites you simply to pause and let your eyes wander. In absolute…  
Massages Hot oils, trained masseurs - let go and find your soul Prices: Full body massage (approx. 50 min.): € 60,- Partial body massage (approx. 25 min.): € 32,- Partial body massage (approx.…  
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Partner cake - order form Please complete the fields below. The price for the Partner cake is € 28 Euro including VAT plus shipping costs of € 5.50 (shipping within Austria). For deliveries…  
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